Shibuya nob is now in a difficult situation financially, due to the state of emergency measures taken by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
We are not able to run the bar normally, and all of those events are being cancelled as we try to minimize interaction from fear of spreading the virus.
That has now put us in the very difficult situation of considering closure and now as a result, we are asking for everyone’s help. We are starting this crowdfunding project. We are hoping everybody’s kindness.
Thank You for your understanding, and please be safe.

Shibuya nob’s staffs.

リターンはDRINK券、LIVE TICKET、スタッフのスマイルとさせていただきます。

Your funding will be returned as a DRINK ticket, LIVE TICKET, and a warm “smile” from the staff.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.